Tycoon's Delicious Debt, Susanna Carr
Susanna Carr

Tycoon's Delicious Debt

He has a debt to pay… 
Cooper Brock knows Serena Dominguez can ruin him with a snap of her delectable fingers, but he won't give in to her demands easily. Instead, he gives Serena his own ultimatum: to confront the smoldering attraction between them.
And she's ready to collect! 
Serena has spent her life planning the downfall of this man. But when she yields to his challenge, Serena is stripped bare by Cooper's raw passion. As he holds her in his arms and whispers her name, Serena realizes she may have just fallen in love with her enemy…
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Tycoon's Delicious Debt, Susanna Carr
Tycoon's Delicious Debt
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