Mariana Ferrer

Amor A Primera Vista

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Short Novels in Spanish for Intermediate Level Speakers, Easy Stories To Practice Your Spanish.

Unlike novels written in old Spanish or even Spanish for children,

this short novel is specially designed to help you practice modern Spanish language you can use every day,

This short novel is easy to read because it is not as complex as some books written to win literature contests.

This will make it easier to understand Spanish without wasting time in any phrases that are either difficult to understand

or unlikely to ever use, which are found in much of the Spanish literature.

Aimed for intermediate learners of Spanish, this book will help you improve comprehension and familiarize yourself with unique expressions in Spanish.

Written by a real spanish writer, Amor a Primera Vista, is a story that introduces new vocabulary and it is easy to follow.

It makes easy to practice all of the tenses and moods in Spanish.

This book is certainly better than practicing with a small child's book. It is a quick read that

freshens up your Spanish. High frequency vocabulary and structures.

Start practicing real everyday dialogues in Spanish

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Author's Republic
Author's Republic
Mariana Ferrer


midulcecristalделится впечатлениемв прошлом году

Me gusto.

Veronica Gutiérrez
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🙈Ничего не понятно

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Amor A Primera Vista, Mariana Ferrer
Amor A Primera Vista
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