The School of Tricks [Russian Edition], Jack Stewart
Jack Stewart

The School of Tricks [Russian Edition]

Show focus is a surefire way to surprise anyone, but do not you think it's real magic? Each focus has its own secret and very often it is so simple that one can only marvel at how it happened that no one can unravel it. The real magicians always treat their tricks very kindly and never tell us about the ways of doing them - our own book, a textbook, thanks to which you yourself can become an unsurpassed illusionist!

You will learn the secrets of performing a variety of tricks, among which:

• Mathematical tricks

• Foci for young children

• Foci with ropes and knots

• Card tricks

• Foci with coins

• Foci with shawls

• Foci with matches

Listen to the "School of Foci" and learn to surprise people and give smiles!
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The School of Tricks [Russian Edition], Jack Stewart
The School of Tricks [Russian Edition]
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