Bram Stoker


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A young and inexperienced solicitor, Jonathan Harker, visits Transylvania to assist the mysterious Count Dracula purchase a London house. When Harker discovers his client is not the eccentric aristocrat that he appears to be, he is held captive by the Count, and is enslaved by three undead females. He barely manages to escape from the castle alive. Dracula leaves for England in pursuit of Harker's fiance, the beautiful Miss Mina Murray. After a journey at sea in which none of the sailors live to tell the tale, Dracula arrives in London and begins to prey upon Mina's dearest friend, Lucy, who soon succumbs to his dark bloodlust and becomes a vampire herself. Lucy's former suitors, fiance and Professor Van Helsing then band together to free her soul from Dracula's spell by destroying her with a stake to her heart and by decapitation. The tale ends with Jonathan Harker, Mina and the vampire hunters chasing Dracula back to his castle for a final confrontation.
Author's Republic
Author's Republic
Stan Winiarski


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