Black Tulip, The  (unabridged), Alexander Dumas
Alexander Dumas

Black Tulip, The (unabridged)

When tulip-grower Cornelius van Baerle is framed for treason and sentenced to death, he is powerless against the brutal factional politics that put him in prison. But Rosa, the jailer’s daughter, is beautiful and strong-willed, and when they fall in love she determines not only to save him but also to grow the near mythical flower: the black tulip. Set in the savage turmoil of Holland’s late 17th century, this intimate novel celebrates the power of integrity over obsession, and tolerance over violence; and it creates in the black tulip a symbol of humanity’s potential.
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Peter Joyce


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Black Tulip, The  (unabridged), Alexander Dumas
Black Tulip, The (unabridged)
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