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Добрый день уважаемые слушатели. Представляем новый выпуск подкаста RWpod. В этом выпуске:


Rack Explained For Ruby Developers и Uploading files directly to S3 using Pre-signed POST request
Understanding Transducers in Ruby, Finding the right level of DRY for your RSpec test suite и We need to talk about changelogs
Value based pagination in Ruby on Rails, Parallel map in Ruby - Nectarine и Rails Presenters (video)


GitHub Pull Requests in Visual Studio Code, Announcing styled-components v4: Better, Faster, Stronger и Learning where you are looking at (in the browser)
JavaScript idiosyncrasies и You don’t (may not) need Moment.js
Vuidget — How to create an embeddable Vue.js widget with vue-custom-element, Hygen - scalable code generator that saves you time, PostGraphile - instant GraphQL API for PostgreSQL database и JSLinux - run Linux or other Operating Systems in your browser


Ruby Meditation #23
Elixir Club 12



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