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B. J. Harrison Reads Classic Scary Tales

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Ghosts, vampires, werewolves, and mad scientists. The most characteristic features of the gothic and horror genre are combined here, together with some mysterious and hard to crack, enigmatic tales. The listener will be Dracula's, or seek the elixir of life with an alchemy student; they will run in horror before the headless horseman or be poisoned by the beautiful daughter of the mad scientist Rappaccini. And if this is not enough, the Inquisition will step in, torturing the reader’s body and soul with inhuman, otherworldly violin chords. You have been warned!

B. J. Harrison started his Classic Tales Podcast back in 2007, wanting to breathe new life into classic stories. He masterfully plays with a wide array of voices and accents and has since then produced over 500 audiobooks. Now in collaboration with SAGA Egmont, his engaging narration of these famous classics is available to readers everywhere.

Some of the greatest names on the literary scene are gathered together in this collection to give you a delicious scare. Washington Irving, Mary Shelley, Nathaniel Hawthorne, W. W. Jacobs, John Polidori, Rudyard Kipling, Bram Stoker, H. P. Lovecraft and more join their efforts in order to creat a horrifying and mysterious atmosphere that will swallow up the listener in no time. Be sure to turn off the lights when you hit "play".
Saga Egmont
B.J. Harrison


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