Vasilij Rykov

How to Talk with Road Police [Russian Edition]

Faced an arbitrariness on the road? So learn how to protect yourself! This audiobook is worth listening to, both to novice drivers and experienced motorists, in order to know how to conduct, if:

- You were stopped, having no legitimate reasons and reasons;

- You are trying to fine for a violation that you did not commit;

- You are threatened with a protocol;

- You got into the "stand" on the road;

- You have exceeded the permissible speed and even in many other unpleasant situations. And also you will learn about what fines, according to the latest edition of the traffic rules, you can face for:

- Toning;

- Seat-belted seat belt;

- over speed;

- lack of inspection and other common violations.
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Author's Republic
AB Publishing
Gennady Zaitsev


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