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139: Wild at Heart | John Eldredge

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"Deep in his heart every man longs for a battle to fight, an adventure to live, and a beauty to rescue." This is one of my favorite quotes about masculinity and, if you've been following us for long, you've heard it from me a thousand times.
Today, I am honored and have the privilege of talking with the author of that quote and one of my top 5 most recommended books on masculinity (Wild at Heart), John Eldredge. We talk about the secret to a man's soul, the single question every man needs to have answered, society's attack on gender, how to embrace authentic masculinity, and why every man is wild at heart.
SHOWNOTES The secret to a man's soul The single question EVERY man needs answered Society's attack on gender How to embrace authentic masculinity How masculinity is earned How to overcome being a poser Pornography and the disintegrating family's effect on men and society How to find out who you are Why rites of passage are so important How to focus more on your internal world than your external world The collapse of gender Permission to be men The masculine virtues
I am honored to introduce you to my guest today, Mr. John Eldredge. When I set out on this journey to become a better man, his book Wild at Heart was one of my go-to resources for an understanding of who I am as a man and how men show up in this world.
At the time, I never thought I'd actually have the chance to have a conversation with him but after some back and forth and getting our schedules pinned down, we were finally able to lock something in.
John is an author, a counselor, and a teacher. He's been working with men and teaching them how to transform their lives for more than two decades. It's interesting to see that the book, Wild at Heart still strikes a nerve with men across the world more than 15 years after he wrote it. This is a testament to John's understanding of what we, as men, are really after in our lives and how to become the men we are meant to be.
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