Personal Power [Russian Edition], Alexey Tolkachev, Nikolay Mroczkowski
Alexey Tolkachev,Nikolay Mroczkowski

Personal Power [Russian Edition]

Personal Power is a powerful guide to personal effectiveness from business coaches Nikolay Mroczkowski and Alexey Tolkachev. This is a sequel to the best seller Extreme Time Management, which means that a new meeting with favorite characters manager Gleb and his mentor, Max, lies ahead. This time listeners, together with the main character, learn how to develop personal power - a special inner strength that signifies a leader in a man. People who manage to develop such power become truly successful and achieve magnificent results. Now you have the possibility to become confident and reach your desired goals. All you need is to follow the instructions described in this audiobook together with the main character.

By listening to this audiobook you will learn:

How to get what you want in any real-life situation

How to solve a conflict with benefits for both sides

How to say no and stop depending on people's opinions
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Maxim Kireev



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Personal Power [Russian Edition], Alexey Tolkachev, Nikolay Mroczkowski
Personal Power [Russian Edition]
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