Mindfulness Training

Chakra Awakening Meditation

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Learning how to awaken your chakras and balance your spiritual energy doesn’t have to be difficult.

With this 1 hour deep sleep hypnosis accompanied by relaxing music and binaural beats, learning to unblock your 7 chakras and rediscover your natural vigor is as easy as pressing play.

If a chakra is closed, blocked, or unbalanced, these vital energy points can lead to complications and diseases of the body. However, through proper meditation practices, unblocking your chakra energy points can lead you to a happier, more balanced, and more energetic life.
With this wonderful hypnosis, you can practice at home or on the go, releasing energy blockages from your chakras at whatever time works best for you.

This meditation audiobook will help you:
• Release chakra energy blocks
• Re-balance chakras
• Instantly relieve stress
• Increase inner peace
• Achieve anxiety relief
• Practice mindfulness

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Mindfulness Training
Mindfulness Training


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