Richard Denson

Black Rhetoric [Russian Edition]: Unfair Methods of Conducting Discussions

Black rhetoric is a proven way to achieve your own goals in any situation! Black rhetoric is inexhaustible and does not recognize borders. The desire not to miss the goal is the main driving force of skilled word experts. Learn how to break the rules. Do not be afraid to use your own feelings and your companion's emotions, engage the power of persuasion and suggestion, and conduct the dispute - and you certainly will succeed!

By listening to this audiobook, you will learn:

How to behave confidently during business conversations and public speaking

How to convince a companion that you are right

How to manipulate the behavior of opponents

How to redirect dialogue from negative to positive

Use the techniques discussed in this audiobook, and you will be the winner of any dispute!
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Author's Republic
AB Publishing
Georgiy Panin


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