James Ryan


Science shows that people with self-discipline are happier with their lives. They are successful in almost all areas of life - physical, mental, social, and even financial. And the good news is, self-discipline isn't some lucky mutation that people are randomly blessed with at birth. It is cultivated. It is learned.
With the information in this book, you can:
Push yourself to become engaged even when doing mundane or unappealing tasksExercise even if you feel like staying home and lying on the couchFormulate a manageable plan for whatever goal you have in mindControl your diet and manage your weight despite the temptation of foodAvoid acting or talking in a harsh mannerAvoid rash judgments and acting on impulseContinue working on what you started even without motivationStart a project or a book and finish itKeep good relationshipsAvoid being easily offended or insultedAvoid being depressed or frustratedEnjoy life as you achieve goalsIf you feel helpless and you want to change that, listen and learn about how you can regain control.
With better self-discipline, you will have confidence, laser-sharp focus, and tenacity to be more productive. You can win in life. The choice is yours.
Apply these small changes in your life and see what it's like again to have mastery of your own self!
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James Ryan
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