Akin Alabi

How To Sell To Nigerians

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If You Are Serious About Making Money In Nigeria And From Nigerians, You Should Read This Book Today!

In this book, you will discover the following business and life-changing secrets.

■ How to make Nigerians want your products and services

■ The kinds of products and services Nigerians like to spend money on

■ How to easily make Nigerians like you and what you are selling

■ Why Nigerians are different from the rest of the world and how to deal with us

■ Why most Nigerian customers are rude and how to "handle" them

■ The secrets of using stories to sell

■ How to write powerful sales letters to convert Nigerians into paying you money

■ The right way to use influencers to promote your business without overpaying

And more.

Get yourself a cold drink, get a pen and a jotter, then sit down to read this book, today. You will thank me later.
Author's Republic
Emphaloz Publishing House
Yubby Nnso Nduonofit


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