Easy Way to Lose Weight [Russian Edition], Ray Shelton
Ray Shelton

Easy Way to Lose Weight [Russian Edition]

Svetlana Kamyshina
Alan Carr proved to the whole world that there is an easy way to solve any problem, including the choice of diet for weight loss. They are, of course, very much - the Atkins diet or the Ducane diet, the Kremlin or Japanese, protein or buckwheat, low fat or monoproduct - how to choose among all this variety exactly what is suitable for your body and at the same time not only get the desired result, but also Hudeya do not hurt your health? How to understand the intricacies of existing methods? The answers to these and many other questions you will get from this book.

We will tell you not only about the specifics and cardinal differences in the most popular diets, but we will help to find the right psychological approach and to accept harmony as a way of life.

From the book you will learn:

• Weight loss: the main ways to lose weight

• "Proper" weight loss: lose weight without harm to health

• Weight loss diets

• Doing sports with losing weight

• Massage - a pleasant help in losing weight

• Aids for weight loss

• Household secrets of losing weight

• Let's sum up: how to lose weight right?
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Easy Way to Lose Weight [Russian Edition], Ray Shelton
Easy Way to Lose Weight [Russian Edition]
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