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Happy Birthday, Ruby!
Ruby Hash#transform_keys now accepts a hash that maps existing keys to new keys
Rails has added strict loading mode to prevent lazy loading
Rails 6 fixes a bug where after_commit callbacks are called on failed update in a transaction block
AWS Lambda now supports Ruby 2.7

Rails adds config rake_eager_load

Supercharge your command line experience: GitHub CLI is now in beta
Pending cops in Rubocop to make upgrade easier
Ruby on Rails Mistakes that could Kill Your Production Servers
Ruby on Rails Single Line Logging
Introducing Hanami::API


Rome - an experimental JavaScript toolchain
Rome, a new JavaScript Toolchain
A day in the life: how a frontend developer solves a “simple” bug
How Autotracking Works

How to use requestAnimationFrame() with vanilla JS

Announcing Scala.js 1.0.0
Serialize JavaScript to a superset of JSON that includes regular expressions, dates and functions
CLI Diagram - draw needlessly complex diagrams in the console
Buttono - a flexible Sass mixin for creating BEM-style buttons
Documentaries for Developers


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