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11 выпуск 07 сезона. Ruby 2.6.2, Rails 6.0.0.beta3, React Native 0.59, CKEditor 5 v12.0.0, Firefox Send и прочее

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Добрый день уважаемые слушатели. Представляем новый выпуск подкаста RWpod. В этом выпуске:


Ruby 2.6.2 Released, Rails,,,, and 6.0.0.beta3 have been released!, Ruby 2.7 — Numbered Parameters, Rails 6 adds ActiveRecord::Relation#touch_all, Rails 6 adds delete_by and destroy_by as ActiveRecord::Relation methods и Upcoming Rails 6 Bulk insert/Upsert feature
What causes Ruby memory bloat?, Phony - E164 international phone number normalizing, splitting, formatting, Shrine - file attachment toolkit for Ruby applications и Ruby Autoformatter


Releasing React Native 0.59, CKEditor 5 v12.0.0 with inline widgets and distraction free editor released, Introducing Firefox Send, Providing Free File Transfers while Keeping your Personal Information Private, JS Foundation and Node.js Foundation join forces и KV Storage: the Web’s First Built-in Module
Why you shouldn’t use Moment.js…, When “Zoë” !== “Zoë”. Or why you need to normalize Unicode strings и Promise-utils is a dependency-free JavaScript/TypeScript library that provides Lodash-like utility functions for dealing with native ES6 promises



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