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30 выпуск 08 сезона. The State of Ruby 3 Typing, Infinite Scroll without Layout Shifts, Minesweeper, Starboard Notebook и прочее

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Добрый день уважаемые слушатели. Представляем новый выпуск подкаста RWpod. В этом выпуске:


Rails 6.1 adds annotate_rendered_view_with_filenames to annotate HTML output
The State of Ruby 3 Typing
Be cautious with Ruby coercion methods

A visual guide to Webpacker

Understanding Bundler - To ‘bundle exec’ or not? that is the question
Some SQL Tricks of an Application DBA
Torch.rb - Deep learning for Ruby, powered by LibTorch
S3 Gem Host - a gem for hosting private gems on S3
Apple Silicon Developer Transition Kit


How I made my CV, based on Age of Empires game
Infinite Scroll without Layout Shifts

Some CSS comics

Minesweeper - a minesweeper clone for the web
Starboard Notebook - in-browser literal notebooks
Moment-guess - a utility package for guessing date’s format
Ink - React for interactive command-line apps
Tinykeys - a tiny & modern library for keybindings
Macintosh.js - A virtual Apple Macintosh with System 8, running in Electron


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