Nikita Neprjahin

How to Speak in Public: 50 Questions and Answers [Russian Edition]

A new audiobook by the well-known business coach Nikita Nepryakhin containing 50 of the most urgent, important, and topical issues on public speaking and presentations, and 50 simple, straightforward and most practical answers. No useless information, extra-long theoretical reasoning or preambles.

This is not an audiobook on rhetoric, not just another audiobook about the great orators. This is the most practical audiobook with absolutely exclusive author's techniques, secrets, techniques, and procedures, written in the form of a dialogue with the reader and illustrated with plenty of examples from Russian practice.

Tips and recommendations will help the author to master the skills of rhetoric, learn the secrets of preparing for the performance and avoid many of the mistakes that novice speakers.
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Alexander Tkachev


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