James Ryan

Speed Reading

Do you want to:
Study better?Be able to read faster and retain more information?Make more efficient notes?Pass tests more successfully?Be more creative?Engage in business armed with great focus and full comprehension?Be able to read one book a day?
Then speed reading is the answer! It improves your reading speed, focus, and comprehension! It gives you the power to develop better time management, enhances your concentration and logical thinking, and also improves your overall self-confidence.
This easy-to-understand audiobook provides guides that will help you understand:
Speed reading techniquesReading vs. speed readingHow to break poor reading habitsHow to start speed readingImportance of daily eye exercisesAnd more!Find out what your current reading level is, and learn how to incorporate the exercises and techniques found in this audiobook into your daily routine so that speed reading becomes a habit. Soon you will find that you can read an entire book each day! The more you read, the more knowledge you will gain that you can use to achieve your goals in life.
Grab this audiobook and become a speed reader today!
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James Ryan
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Speed Reading
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