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26 выпуск 07 сезона. Rails 6 adds Array#extract!, Fuchsia Project, Sorbetting a gem, Black candy, Pixelmatch и прочее

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Добрый день уважаемые слушатели. Представляем новый выпуск подкаста RWpod. В этом выпуске:


Rails 6 adds before? and after? to Date and Time, Rails 6 adds Array#extract!, Puma 4: New I/O 4 Your Server и Sorbetting a gem, or the story of the first adoption

Why Your Rails App is Slow: Lessons Learned from 3000+ Hours of Teaching, Instance Variable Performance, Build Messaging Between Ruby/Rails Applications with ActiveMQ и Black candy - a self hosted music streaming server built with Rails and Stimulus


Fuchsia Project - a new Operating System, The cost of JavaScript in 2019, V8 release v7.6, Npm 6.9.1 is broken due to .git folder in published tarball и AI Against Humanity

Spam Detection APIs, Pixelmatch - smallest, simplest and fastest JavaScript pixel-level image comparison library, Darkmodejs - utility package for managing Dark Mode on the web и Svelte-adapter - a simple utility that allows you to use Svelte components inside React or Vue components


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