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136: Lewis Howes | The Mask of Masculinity

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Recognizing that we, as men, wear masks might just be one of the most difficult self-evaluation processes we can go through. It's difficult because sometimes we've been wearing a mask for so long that it actually becomes part of who we are and how we define ourselves.

My guest today, New York Times Bestselling Author Lewis Howes, joins me to talk about why men are failing so many benchmarks, how to recognize and confront what is holding you back, why the masks we wear hinder our personal growth, and the 9 masks of masculinity.

What is the Mask of Masculinity Why men are underperforming in every benchmark The 9 masks we as men tend to wear How to recognize which mask you might be wearing The common thread between all the masks How to confront the things that hold you back How to stop defining yourself by the mask you wear How our masks hinder personal growth How to embrace discomfort and vulnerability How to avoid overcompensating for weaknesses How to better understand your emotions Which mask I tend to wear LEWIS HOWES
My guest today is New York Times Bestselling Author, Mr Lewis Howes.

I know a ton of you are already familiar with his work and what he's up to with his own company and podcast (which is listened to millions of times per month), The School of Greatness.

We had Lewis on the show a while back but since then, he has released his newest book, The Mask of Masculinity.

What I enjoyed a lot about this book is that Lewis really pulled back the curtain in his own life and you can tell by the way he's analyzed who he is and what makes him tick that this is a process he doesn't just talk about, this is a process that he's actually gone through and uncovered for himself.
Lewis Howes had a lot of success as a professional athlete (which hints at the mask he was wearing) only to find himself injured and wondering how he could redefine himself and tap into who he really is.

Gentlemen, gear up, prepare to challenge some thoughts about who you are, and let's unpack the idea of the mask of masculinity.

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