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Gastric Band Hypnosis

Is your weight something that has been increasing over the years and you've been powerless to stop it?
Have you tried endless diets, and nothing has worked?
Are you prepared to try almost anything but want to stop short at surgery?
Losing weight is the Holy Grail for millions of us. Some are successful when it comes to dieting but the need to be consistent and disciplined is often the reason that many fail. Constantly dieting and failing can lead to some poor decisions, like opting for invasive surgery. But there is another solution that works and will not leave you scarred for life.
In this book, Gastric Band Hypnosis, you cam examine the facts for yourself as to whether this solution would work for you, with chapters that include:
How Gastric Band Hypnosis worksThe risks involvedVirtual gastric bands and how they make slimming easyYour motivation to lose weight this wayHow it can help with food addictionPlacement, tightening and removal of bandsAnd more…Even if you have tried and failed to lose weight a dozen times or more, there is always a good reason to try again and Gastric Band Hypnosis is one of them. This simple idea is perfect for anyone who has struggled to lose weight in the past but simply has to shed some pounds now, before they become seriously ill.
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