How to Establish a Company [Russian Edition], Sergey Demidov
Sergey Demidov

How to Establish a Company [Russian Edition]

Alexander Tkachev
What form of organization should we choose and what is their essential difference?

What to do next and where to go?

How to make the first steps in business?

And what articles of the Laws describe the procedures for creating and running their own business?

These and many other questions can be found in this book. On the pages of an easy and popular language, many subtleties and nuances of the process of opening and registering your business are told on the example of such forms of organization as LLC and IP, lists of necessary documents and addresses of state. Services to be contacted.

Audiobook also tells about what awaits future entrepreneurs after the completion of the registration process.

How to build offices and premises for doing business?

How to obtain additional licenses for a particular type of activity?

The material is oriented to a wide audience and will be interesting not only for beginners in entrepreneurship who decided to start their own business, but also for those who already have their own business leaders.
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How to Establish a Company [Russian Edition], Sergey Demidov
How to Establish a Company [Russian Edition]
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