Padraic Colum

The Children of Odin

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The Children of Odin is a collection of Norse Myths adapted for children. The tales of the God Odin and his children are told in three parts: The Dwellers in Asgard, Odin the Wanderer and The Witch's Heart. By using narrative threads from the original myths, the author Padraic Colum introduces to younger generation the incredible "Nine Worlds"universe. He recounts in a simple but interesting way the exciting tales of lively characters of Norse Myhology: the one-eyed, raven-flanked god Odin, who cunningly pursues knowledge throughout the worlds and bestows among humanity the runic alphabet; the humanity-protecting god Thor, who persistently pursues his foes; the beautiful, feathered cloak-clad goddess Freya who rides to battle to choose among the slain;and numerous other deities.
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