William Burroughs

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    I did not understand what the title meant until my recent recovery. The title means exactly what the words say: NAKED Lunch --a frozen moment when everyone sees what is on the end of every fork.
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    Certain passages in the book that have been called pornographic were written as a tract against Capital Punishment in the manner of Jonathan Swift’s Modest Proposal. These sections are intended to reveal capital punishment as the obscene, barbaric and disgusting anachronism that it is. As always the lunch is naked. If civilized countries want to return to Druid Hanging Rites in the Sacred Grove or 6

    to drink blood with the Aztecs and feed their Gods with blood of human sacrifice, let them see what they actually eat and drink. Let them see what is on the end of that long newspaper spoon. As I write I have almost completed a sequel to Naked Lunch. A mathematical extension of the Algebra of Need beyond the junk virus. Because there are many forms of addiction I think that they all obey basic laws. In the words of Heisenberg: "This may not be the best of all possible universes but it may well prove to be one of the simplest." If man can see. Post Script... Wouldn’t You?
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    Whether you sniff it smoke it eat it or shove it up you ass the result is the same: addiction.
    Alisaцитирует23 дня назад
    1 Never give anything for nothing.
    2 Never give more than you have to give (always catch the buyer hungry and always make him wait).
    3 Always take everything back if you possibly can.
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    Every addict has his own special symptom that cracks all control.
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    "This may not be the best of all possible universes but it may well prove to be one of the simplest."
    Alisaцитирует20 дней назад
    The razor belonged to a man named Ockham and he was not a scar collector.
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    Paregoric Babes of the World Unite. We have nothing to lose but Our Pushers. And THEY are NOT NECESSARY.
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    I am a ghost wanting what every ghost wants --a body --after the Long Time moving through odorless alleys of space where no life is only the colorless no smell of death
    Alisaцитирует15 дней назад
    flesh that fades at the first silent touch of junk
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