Robert Louis Stevenson

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    Story of the Door

    -Mr. Gabriel John Ut­ter­son the law­yer
    *It is the mark of a mod­est man to ac­cept his friendly circle ready-made from the hands of op­por­tun­ity;
    *his af­fec­tions, like ivy, were the growth of time
    - Mr. Richard En­field

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    “I let my brother go to the devil in his own way
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    Search for Mr. Hyde

    Henry Je­kyll
    Edward Hyde
    Dr.  Lanyon Hastie
    He was wild when he was young; a long while ago to be sure; but in the law of God, there is no stat­ute of lim­it­a­tions. Aye, it must be that; the ghost of some old sin, the can­cer of some con­cealed dis­grace: pun­ish­ment com­ing, pede claudo, years after memory has for­got­ten and self-love con­doned the fault.” And the law­yer, scared by the thought, brooded awhile on his own past, grop­ing in all the corners of memory, least by chance some Jack-in-the-Box of an old iniquity should leap to light there. His past was fairly blame­less; few men could read the rolls of their life with less ap­pre­hen­sion; yet he was humbled to the dust by the many ill things he had done, and raised up again into a sober and fear­ful grat­it­ude by the many he had come so near to do­ing yet avoided. And then by a re­turn on his former sub­ject, he con­ceived a spark of hope.

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    The Carew Murder Case

    Sir Dan­vers Carew
    In­spector New­comen

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    Henry Jekyll’s Full Statement of the Case

    I be­came, in my own per­son, a creature eaten up and emp­tied by fever, lan­guidly weak both in body and mind, and solely oc­cu­pied by one thought: the hor­ror of my other self.

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    Well, life has been pleas­ant; I liked it; yes, sir, I used to like it. I some­times think if we knew all, we should be more glad to get away.”
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    I learned to re­cog­nise the thor­ough and prim­it­ive du­al­ity of man; I saw that, of the two natures that con­ten­ded in the field of my con­scious­ness, even if I could rightly be said to be either, it was only be­cause I was rad­ic­ally both;
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    Street after street and all the folks asleep—street after street, all lighted up as if for a pro­ces­sion and all as empty as a church
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    feel very strongly about put­ting ques­tions; it par­takes too much of the style of the day of judg­ment
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