Mike Fisher

Mike Fisher has a background in humanistic counselling and psychotherapy.Considered to be one of the leading experts in the field of anger management in the UK, Mike has contributed to many magazine and newspaper articles.TV documentaries he has helped with include:NASTY BOSSES - BBC3THE ANGRIEST MEN IN BRITAIN (2002) - ITV1 Landmark FilmsANGRY BRITAIN (2004) - Landmark Films LOSING IT - BBC3VIOLENT FATHERS(Kilroy Silk) - BBC3 BEAT IT: ANGRY WITH MY FATHER - 2006 Landmark FilmsMike Fisher set up and helps run the professional training body BAAM (British Assocaition of Anger Management), which he set up in 2001 after a business betrayal sent him into a frenzy of rage.BAAM provides support for anger sufferers around the globe. In his work, Mike focuses on how stress fuels anger and offers solutions to reducing this.
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