Nigel Fountain

Nigel Fountain is a writer, broadcaster and journalist who has written for many publications including the Guardian, the Observer, the Sunday Times, the New Statesman, the Oldie, the London Evening Standard, the Listener, the London Magazine, the New York Soho Weekly News, Socialist Worker, History Today, New Society, and Oz magazine. His documentary work for Radio 4, BBC2 and BBC4 has ranged from style magazines and the history of thrillers to dance halls and the 1968 events. He was a commissioning obituaries editor on the Guardian for many years, co-editor of City Limits magazine (1982-87), an assistant editor of Time Out (1980-81), and a London correspondent for Inter Press Service (1976-80). He read politics at York University.



Francisco Samourцитирует8 месяцев назад
Fruit-pickers point out that the best and ripest fruit is at the top and should be picked first – a little more time and effort results in something better. Besides which, someone who always goes for the low-hanging fruit – the easy option – might be assumed by others to be idle and unambitious.
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