Shark Bite Coaching

Cassandra Fenyk is a dynamic marketer, speaker, and motivator with extensive experience in various B2B and B2C industries, and unlike many other website and social media consultants, she is also an established marketing professional with nearly 20 years of experience in developing and directing business-to-consumer and business-to-business market penetration strategies. She has spent the majority of her career entrenched in branding, messaging, strategic planning, and project management. She has a keen understanding of the selling process and the critical steps between the initial message, the final sale, and post-sale relationship maintenance. Combined with her knowledge and experience in managing social media and website SEO programs, these traits make her a great source of information and an invaluable resource for your business. Most recently, Ms. Fenyk started her coaching business focusing on start-ups, small businesses, and entrepreneurs; and all the characteristics that entails. Shark Bite Coaching is that business and if you would like more personalized assistance in avoiding common business pitfalls, overcoming obstacles to your business growth, and getting your business moving in the right direction, ask her and set up an appointment to discuss your ideas and goals.


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