Renee McGregor

Renee McGregor Bsc(hons)RD PGCERT(sportsnutr) is a registered dietitian and sports nutritionist based at the University of Bath Sports Injury Clinic and Human Performance Centre. Accredited by the Health professions Council and a member of SDUK — Sports Dietitians UK, Renee has over 10 years expertise and knowledge in nutrition, including experience working with elite athletes and their coaches; she is a regular contributor to BBC Food, Cycling Plus, Trail Running Magazine, Runner's world Magazines. In addition, she's a keen runner and has completed numerous events from 10K up to ultra-marathon distance. She combines training with being a Mum and a demanding job but always ensures that her nutrition covers her training load so that she continues to see improvements in her performance. She believes this is key to her success as a sports nutritionist as she understands food and training, from a personal level and can share these experiences with her clients. Renee has worked with some high profile athletes including The GB Rhythmic Gymnast team that made history by qualifying for the Olympic games last year; GB beach volleyball, GB age group Ironman athletes and also GB Marathon and ultra-marathon runner, Holly Rush.
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