Craig English

Craig English

Craig English was born in Los Angeles, California in 1957. The son of a journalist Robert Arthur English, some of Craig’s earliest memories are the sound of a massive black Royal typewriter’s keys smacking out a story on a deadline. He is an advocate for each character’s strong, clear voice, and he loves storytelling that pulls like a riptide.
Craig’s last novel, Black Swan, is a tale of wall street greed, dragons, and a mild-mannered Shakespeare professor, Harold Swan. The Anvil of Navarre is a swashbuckling tale of love, revenge and sexual identity. Craig’s nonfiction includes Anxious to Please: 7 Revolutionary Practices for the Chronically Nice. His article, “Set Your Writing Free,” appeared on the cover of The Writer Magazine. Craig’s latest project, Kit, is a caper novel, in which a young cat-burglar/hacker plots her revenge against the king of cyber trolls.
Mr. English has been featured on radio shows across the United States. Television appearances include KING 5 Morning News with Joyce Taylor (NBC Seattle), Books in Review with Shari Barnes (Fort Worth, TX), and Geraldo at Large with Arthel Neville (Fox Network). For twenty-five years Mr. English worked as a professional actor on Seattle area and regional stages. He has done more than 50 television and radio commercials, and CD ROM game voice-overs. He has acted in more than 20 productions of Shakespeare and was a certified fight choreographer.
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