Tony Yang

Tony Yang

Tony Yang is an author, speaker, and lay pastor. And it happened in that order.Pastor Tony wrote and published Are You Sure You Want to Love God? (You Might Start Using the "O" Word) in 2013. The book opened opportunities to preach at churches, retreats, and conferences. One of those churches called him to be their pastor. He accepted that call in early 2015. It started as part-time due to the demands of his job as an executive in health care and higher education. But as the call to pastoral ministry continued to grow, he felt strongly convicted to adjust his professional career in order to serve as lay pastor full-time. Pastor Tony's gift of storytelling--both through the written and spoken word--to share God's love led to Tony Yang Ministries. He combines his professional work experience, which includes two Emmy awards, with his passion for sharing the Gospel message to fulfill the mission of Tony Yang Ministries: "Telling God's Story through our stories." Stay connected with Tony Yang Ministries at

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