Darren Varndell

Darren Varndell began his career as a software engineer in the banking sector with a passion for personal computing. In the early 90's this passion grew to become his profession with the opening of his own personal computer store. In the two decades that followed, Darren's attention turned more to software development via the directorship of an Internet software services company. Recently, he has set out to help webmasters and internet marketeers succeed online, by passing on his extensive knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques that help boost website rankings and ensure a steady stream of free organic search engine traffic. Unimpressed with the lack of straightforward, simple (and free) resources available to webmaters, and others hoping to succeed with Internet marketing, he started his own webmaster promotion website and Internet Marketing blog to help fellow webmasters obtain easy to understand SEO tips and advice that many SEO companies may not want you to know. Darren is the author of 'EZ Website Promotion', a series of Search Engine Optimization Publications containing extensive search optimization information and best practices, all available through Amazon.Visit his website and blog at: http://www.ezwebsitepromotion.com


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