Susan Ford Collins

What happens when you cross a top executive trainer and success coach with a bestselling rabbi who lost 100 pounds... and kept it off?A miracle?Yes, The Miracle Diet!When Susan met Rabbi Celso Cukierkorn in a hot yoga class, little did she know that the 10 Success Skills she had been teaching in top corporations would find a new focus... weight loss! In their new book, The Miracle Diet: Lose Weight and Gain Health... 10 Diet Skills, her techniques which have been so profoundly effective in business are proving to be even more profoundly effective at achieving results in health!Where did Susan's success journey begin?When Susan was a researcher at the National Institutes of Health, she proposed studying healthy, contributing members of society instead of ill and dysfunctional ones. And her colleagues all laughed. Committed to finding answers, she asked herself, what are Highly Success People (HSPs) doing that other people aren't? Susan shadowed outstanding individuals and teams for months at a time and discovered they were using 10 skills consistently... but unconsciously. In 1985, Collins started teaching The Technology of Success in major businesses and organizations."Susan spent two decades studying successful people. Now she shares with others what she has learned about leadership and management."--- CNN, Lou Dobbs"I learned more in a matter of hours than from all the management, leadership and team-building trainings I've taken in 18 years. And it works in my personal life too."-Carl J. Flood, VP Worldwide Management, American Express"Susan Ford Collins is a consultant to the titans of industry."--- Kerry Brock, Freedom Speaks,The Freedom Foundation"One of the most enthusiastic people I've ever interviewed. I had to hold back from laughing and crying on camera. And our 5-tape video series won a Telly Award."--- Julia Bengis, producer, Educational Management Group, Simon & Schuster
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