MBA Starter Kit, Chicago Tribune Staff
Chicago Tribune Staff

MBA Starter Kit

The Chicago Tribune's annual guide for prospective MBA students, MBA Starter Kit is the ultimate guide for anyone interested in pursuing a Master of Business Administration graduate degree. Covering the latest global hiring trends and salary outlooks, as well as the myriad opportunities afforded by an MBA, this book is a must-read for anyone who thinks they might be interested in an MBA.MBA Starter Kit, which comprises the Chicago Tribune's 2013 features and the best of the 2012 features from this annual special section, provides invaluable insight into the challenges currently facing MBA programs and students alike. Furthermore, it contains robust information on MBA programs throughout the Chicagoland area, both large and small. With popular Tribune columnists adding their own insight to this collection, it is almost essential reading for all business professionals looking to advance their career in the Chicago area.
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