Praveen Kumar,Prashant Kumar

How to Grow Rich with The Millionaire Mind Script

Process of wealth creation is 90% psychology and only 10% strategy. Most people fail to become rich because they want to learn the strategy and do not focus on changing their psychology.
The inner change has to precede the external outcome. Bestselling authors Praveen & Prashant Kumar explain in this book how you can become an enlightened millionaire by simply getting the mind script of a rich person.
This book will take you step by step on the methodology of changing your mind script to that of a wealth creator:

How to rewrite the script from your heart?
How to control inputs to your mind?
How butterfly affect can change your script?
How to get transformational change in shortest possible time?
Understanding the millionaire mind script
How mentors can change your mind script?

This book empowers to you to change your internal script. Once the internal transformation is complete there is no force on earth that can stop you from becoming a millionaire.
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Praveen Kumar



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