Joanne Sonenshine


On a career path that one could only call circuitous, Joanne Sonenshine learned that what fulfilled her the most was, in many cases, the opposite of what she had originally planned for her journey. The tragedy that struck America on September 11, 2001 changed how she saw her life and her role in the world. It also changed what she thought she wanted in her career. With new priorities, she made some serious course corrections, and pointed herself toward fulfillment — a more complicated and subjective path, but ultimately more rewarding.
Now, with the perspective of hindsight, Sonenshine has condensed her experiences, and those of others who have made significant shifts in their professional and personal lives in order to improve the lives of many, into ChangeSeekers, a call to everyone who wants to make a difference and find their path to impact.
Sonenshine's message is clear: Always question where you are headed and why. Take risks, explore creativity, find new ways of adding experience and relationships to your life. Question authority. Be curious, be brave, and find your passion.
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