Fabric Effects in Sugar: First Steps and Basic Skills, Gary Chapman
Gary Chapman

Fabric Effects in Sugar: First Steps and Basic Skills

Fabric Effects in Sugar Book One introduced the idea of emulating fabric effects in sugar when it was first published in 1993 and started a huge trend in cake decorating that continues unabated today. This landmark sugarcraft book has been out of print for many years but is now re-issued
Learn how to produce a range of basic fabric effects such as the drape, hangings or tails, bows, rosettes, ribbon cockade, borders and several varieties of flowers and leaves, including a fabric effect rose..
All of these effects provide a simple and quick alternative to the usual methods of cake decorating and yet at the same time produce a stylish and attractive finish. The ideas in the book can be adapted and used in conjunction with all other cake decorating techniques, and can be used in celebration, novelty and wedding cake designs.
The book contains ten distinctive and colourful cakes, black and white diagrams, step by step instructions and a useful section on how to paint cakes.
Further books on Fabric Effects in Sugar and other new ideas are forthcoming from Edditt Publishing.
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