Tessa Watt

Introducing Mindfulness – A Practical Guide

Appreciate your life— right here, right now.

Learn how to use mindfulness every day, by listening to your body, becoming more aware of the present and letting go of negative thoughts.

Mindfulness teacher and consultant Tessa Watt introduces simple techniques with lots of examples and exercises for newcomers to begin right away, as well as outlining deeper mindfulness practice for those who wish to take it  further.

Reduce anxiety and handle your emotions more effectively, enjoy the moment and recover from bad moods more quickly, and slow down and find your own source of calm.
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    Катя Трофимовацитирует6 лет назад
    What does it mean to be a human being? The mindful answer puts the emphasis on the word ‘being’. We are human beings, but we have forgotten how to be. We have become human doings, trapped in a mode of always doing, acting, achieving and keeping busy. When we stop, even for a moment, it can feel frightening and unnatural. Activity and busyness have become our default mode.
    Мария Федюнинацитирует3 года назад
    Mindfulness creates space for ‘being’ rather than ‘doing’
    If you allow time for being, it will help your doing to be more productive
    Set aside time for formal meditation practice – even 5 or 10 minutes a day is a good start
    You can also train yourself to create little spaces, pausing often throughout the day. Use a sound, visual cue or activity as a reminder.
    PyotrDцитирует4 года назад
    meditation practice, if we look and listen clearly to this internal voice, we may find that we are always giving ourselves a hard time. If our mind wanders, we chastise ourselves. If we are sleepy or irritated or angry, we blame ourselves. Or we turn this criticism outward, blaming the environment, the teacher or the practices

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