Us Against You, Fredrik Backman
Fredrik Backman

Us Against You

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The #1 New York Times bestselling author of A Man Called Ove and Beartown returns with an unforgettable novel «about people—about strength and tribal loyalty and what we unwittingly do when trying to show our boys how to be men» (Jojo Moyes).
Have you ever seen a town fall? Ours did.
Have you ever seen a town rise? Ours did that, too.
A small community tucked deep in the forest, Beartown is home to tough, hardworking people who don't expect life to be easy or fair. No matter how difficult times get, they've always been able to take pride in their local ice hockey team. So it's a cruel blow when they hear that Beartown ice hockey might soon be disbanded. What makes it worse is the obvious satisfaction that all the former Beartown players, who now play for a rival team in the neighboring town of Hed, take in that fact. As the tension mounts between the two adversaries, a newcomer arrives who gives Beartown hockey…
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Моё сердце разбилось. Ах Беньи, хочу, чтобы у тебя все было хорошо.

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A community is the sum of its choices, and when two of our children said different things, we believed him. Because that was easier, because if the girl was lying our lives could carry on as usual.
Nastya Zhiboedova
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“There are three types of people: winners, losers, and the ones who watch.”
Альмирацитируетв прошлом году
The politicians are learning things like that from their expensive PR consultants: that you have to “control the narrative.”
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