Beyond The Occult: Twenty Years' Research into the Paranormal, Colin Wilson
Colin Wilson

Beyond The Occult: Twenty Years' Research into the Paranormal

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Twenty years after writing the classic The Occult, Colin Wilson re-examines the whole spectrum of the mystical and paranormal, producing a general occult theory that is as convincing and powerful as the evidence for the existence of atomic particles. A huge amount of new material has come to light in the past two decades, revealing new perspectives on many aspects of this crucially important subject. Linking fascinating glimpses into the realm of the paranormal with scientific thinking on the nature of 'physical' reality, he begins his study with the powers of the human mind: ESP, clairvoyance, psychometry, precognition, psychokinesis and dowsing. He then moves on to consider the more mysterious topics – poltergeists, spirit possession and reincarnation – that have convinced him of the reality of disembodied spirits.In Beyond the Occult Colin Wilson puts forward a powerful case that our so-called 'normal' experience may in fact be subnormal, and that evolution may have brought us near the edge of a quantum leap into a hugely expanded human consciousness.
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