People, Places and Business Cultures, Scott, Popp, Peter Scott, Andrew Popp, Di Martino, Paolo Di Martino
Scott,Popp,Peter Scott,Andrew Popp,Di Martino,Paolo Di Martino

People, Places and Business Cultures

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This collection brings together new research into nineteenth- and twentieth-century British and European economic history, socio-cultural history and business history. It is inspired by the work and legacy of Francesca Carnevali who, throughout her career, encouraged a lively dialogue between these different disciplines. The book offers innovative views and perspectives on key debates and emphasises the connections between economic environments and wider social and cultural elements. It also considers methodological issues and emerging approaches in economic history. Topics include banks and business finance in the nineteenth century, mass-market retailing and class demarcations, economic microhistory, and comparative history and capitalism. Economic, business, social and cultural historians alike will find it of interest.
PAOLO DI MARTINO is Senior Lecturer in International Business History at the Birmingham Business School, University of Birmingham.
ANDREW POPP is Professor of Business History at the University of Liverpool.
PETER SCOTT is Professor of International Business History at the University of Reading's Henley Business School and Director of Henley's Centre for International Business History.
CONTRIBUTORS: Andrea Colli, Paolo Di Martino, Leslie Hannah, Matthew Hilton, Ken Lipartito, Lucy Newton, Andrew Popp, Peter Scott, Anna Spadavecchia, James Walker, Chris Wickham
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