Child Education: Parenting and Teaching in the Development of Children’s Intelligence and Promotion of their Success, Daniel Marques
Daniel Marques

Child Education: Parenting and Teaching in the Development of Children’s Intelligence and Promotion of their Success

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Child Education has been a subject of debate for many thousands of years but also widely studied in modern society.

Apart from all the studies being done, children apparently tend to show much more problems related to behavior and learning.

The need to find answers hasn’t provided parents and teachers with functional knowledge, but only an immense quantity of books and magazines dedicated to the topic.

The information and guidance provided in this book resumes more than 12 years of the Author experience as a Teacher and Professor in Europe and Asia with multiple and different subjects, and in levels ranging from Primary Schools to Universities, a background of extensive and intensive investigations on Learning Disabilities for Private Schools with highly positive results, but also experiences as a Director for Training Companies, among many others.

Known for providing significant results in situations that the Psychologists claim to have no answer, such as ADHD and Autism, as well as in turning ‘F’ students into ‘A’ students in a matter of weeks, what the Author here promotes can be seen as polemic and contradictory to modern theories on Education while also proven highly efficient.
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Victor Oh
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How to raise a child is well presented here that is worthy of consideration when raising one’s own kids and helping others do the same.


Victor Oh
Victor Oh цитирует4 месяца назад
Intelligence is the ability to compare things and differentiate them; to combine similarities and detect differences; But, most of all, it’s the ability to choose, adapt, adjust and transform in an environment where happiness, health and comfort are promoted.

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