BB and the Green Witch, Bryan F. Gremillion
Bryan F. Gremillion

BB and the Green Witch

Weezer is a mean, old green witch who lives in a gray, stone house in the haunted forest. Her hair is purple like a plum, and her large chin is filled with ugly warts. She is anxious to be young and beautiful again. But first, she must complete her magic mixture to regain her youth.

For her special spell, she requires a lock of youthful hair. And, Weezer knows just the person to help. BB, the little girl who lives on a farm next to the haunted forest, has beautiful, golden locks. Weezer has concocted a plan to lure BB and steal her youth.

A picture book for children, the characters in this tale are based on the Cajun legends of author Bryan F. Gremillion’s childhood growing up in South Louisiana.
28 бумажных страниц
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