The Greek Wants a Wife, Rebecca Winters, Margaret Barker, Emily Forbes
Rebecca Winters,Margaret Barker,Emily Forbes

The Greek Wants a Wife

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{"strong"=>["A Bride for the Island Prince"]}
Brooding single dad Prince Alexius will do anything to help his four-year-old daughter learn to speak — so he opens up to bubbly speech therapist Dottie. But, as he watches Zoe blossom in her care, Alexius can’t bear to imagine letting Dottie go…
{"strong"=>["Georgie’s Big Greek Wedding"]}
When paramedic Georgie Carides’s family unexpectedly come to stay, she convinces her colleague Josh Wetherly to pose as her fiancé! The plan? Call the wedding off before anyone says ‘I do’! But Georgie didn’t expect their fake attraction to feel so real…
{"strong"=>["Greek Doctor Claims His Bride"]}
Years ago, Tanya Angelapoulos parted from Manolis Stangos amidst the pain of losing their baby. Now Tanya is back on their Greek island home and Manolis is a single dad, convinced he can make them a family again… if Tanya will let him.
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528 бумажных страниц
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HarperCollins Publishers, Mills Boon



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