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Quick Healthy Easy Recipes: Healthy Paleolithic Meals and Delicious Quinoa

Quick Healthy Easy Recipes Healthy Paleolithic Meals and Delicious Quinoa Have you been thinking of switching over to the paleo diet? Have you heard great things about it and can't wait to get back to the basics? If so, then you've most certainly come to the right place. This book is full of healthy easy recipes that adhere to the paleo diet standard. These quick and easy healthy recipes will give you the edge you need without forcing you to do the research normally associated with switching to the diet. The paleo diet consists of a number of quick easy healthy recipes that ultimately take your body back to a simpler time. Within this diet you will be utilizing easy recipes and eating foods that were consumed by our ancestors thousands of years ago. To some it might sound crazy, but these quick and healthy meals will clearly give the body more energy. Many of our problems today come from eating the wrong foods!
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    Lean Lamb

    lamb chops and loin

    Lean Poultry

    Chicken, hen and turkey breast

    Other Meats

    bison – ostrich

    elk - squab

    alligator - goat

    bear - goose

    kangaroo - caribou

    pheasant - rattlesnake

    rabbit –quail

    reindeer - emu

    turtle – wild turkey

    wild boar - venison
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