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Intuitive Eating For Beginners

Weight loss is among the most difficult thing a person could undergo. It takes long, it requires a lot of patience, and it needs sacrifices, especially if you are hoping to lose some weight with the use of some diet fads. Most of the diets available nowadays, however, are not only sacrificial but have slow effects, too. Often, being on a diet for so long renders the diet ineffective and that reverting from it could cause the person to regain the weight he lost. Furthermore, most diets give a person the feeling of being deprived. This, when not addressed, results in psychological changes that could render future attempts to lose weight difficult. Fortunately, there is a philosophy that could help reshape our view of weight loss: Intuitive Eating.
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    Anna Yilmazделится впечатлением6 месяцев назад

    Советую всем, у кого есть расстройство пищевого поведения. Мне очень понравился такой краткий формат - здорово подходит для того, чтобы время от времени перечитывать.

    Nuriya Yuzbashevaделится впечатлением3 месяца назад


    Nuriya Yuzbashevaцитирует4 месяца назад
    Respect your Hunger
    Anna Yilmazцитирует6 месяцев назад
    You should arrive at a decision now that maybe the solution is not on those diets but on our minds and our mindset.
    b4678302716цитирует2 года назад
    Does not have any food restrictions. A person can eat virtually anything in an intuitive eating mindset. He is not given restrictions based on food categories or the bad effects of food. This mindset maintains that the body can provide the right cue for the preference for the right type of food

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