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even this page is white

Vivek Shraya is a talented writer, musician, performer and filmmaker who has previously published an acclaimed novel (She of the Mountains) and a YA book (God Loves Hair) as well as a new children’s picture book this season (The Boy & the Bindi). This is his first poetry book.
even this page is inspired by events of the past few years in which race (as well as class, gender, and sexuality) have become explosive and divisive issues. The motivation for the book is to use poetry to reduce and transcend barriers that divide people according to race, and to paint the face of racism so that it is visible, tangible and undeniable.
The book includes a “conversation with friends” featuring Sarah Quin (of the popular music duo Tegan and Sara), poet and memoirist Amber Dawn, musician Rae Spoon, and author Dannielle Owens-Reid.
Vivek is an engaging and highly popular performer; in addition to writing, he is a performance and recording artist (as well as filmmaker) and often incorporates music and multimedia into his readings.
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    found poem based on michael derrick hudson (as yi-fen chou), “biography,” in the best american poetry 2015, lehmen, david, and sherman alexie, eds. (new york, ny: scribner, 2015).

    what pride looked like june 24, 2015

    based on events at lgbt pride reception at the white house on june 24, 2015.
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    my writing practice for this book consisted of consuming a lot of poetry. below is a list of books by black and indigenous authors, and authors of colour that were particularly inspiring:

    the black unicorn: poems, audre lorde

    citizen: an american lyric, claudia rankine

    for your own good, leah horlick

    kiyâm, naomi mcilwraith

    seva, sharanpal ruprai

    salt, nayyirah waheed
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    brown dreams

    how often must you prove your pigment

    when your entire body is painted bronze

    have you ever heard white question its colour

    snow moon salt milk tooth chalk

    what if there is no right way to be brown

    besides the brown you are

    soil nut clove wheat bark pluto.

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