How Beautiful the Ordinary, Emma Donoghue, David Levithan, Julie Anne Peters, Francesca Lia Block, Jennifer Finney Boylan, Eric Shanower, Michael Cart, Ron Koertge, William Sleater
Emma Donoghue,David Levithan,Julie Anne Peters,Francesca Lia Block,Jennifer Finney Boylan,Eric Shanower,Michael Cart,Ron Koertge,William Sleater

How Beautiful the Ordinary

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A girl thought to be a boy steals her sister's skirt, while a boy thought to be a girl refuses to wear a cornflower blue dress. One boy's love of a soldier leads to the death of a stranger. The present takes a bittersweet journey into the past when a man revisits the summer school where he had “an accidental romance.” And a forgotten mother writes a poignant letter to the teenage daughter she hasn't seen for fourteen years.
Poised between the past and the future are the stories of now. In nontraditional narratives, short stories, and brief graphics, tales of anticipation and regret, eagerness and confusion present distinctively modern views of love, sexuality, and gender identification. Together, they reflect the vibrant possibilities available for young people learning to love others—and themselves—in today's multifaceted and quickly changing world.
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